Pursuing the future with Gria is a lot more than assembling parts and turn it into products. Our service is about blending creative elements and turn it into experience.



Knowing that Kemang area is one of Jakarta’s lifestyle hub, GRIA opened a sky terrace to seize its potential.


To anticipate the expansion of Simatupang area, we prepared Meirton as a casual fine dining spot at lobby of 18 Office Park.

Liberta Seminyak

Our newly rebranded Liberta is your latest stylish choice of hospitality experience. The fresh look is a strong evidence of GRIA’s progressive business approach.

Liberta Kemang

Cozy and affordable, Liberta Kemang offers easy access to many stylish and unique spots all over the lively area.

Mexolie Kebumen

One of the greatest hotel choice in Kebumen, we are trusted by local government to handle various large-scale events.


A Service More Than Courteous Treatment, GRIA Family is the One Who Listens.


Our energetic and youthful passion make us understand what you need, while our mature affection knows exactly what to offer. Together, GRIA is your best preference for hospitality experience.